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Advancing collaboration to make good things happen

Advancing collaboration to make good things happen

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Online Toolbox

These unique tools have been created to provide an easy to use toolbox to capture the collaborative profile of organisations and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship. By making the programmes available online they enable users to capture information across a broad user base and instantly convert these perspectives into graphical displays and diagnostic reports.

For further information and pricing please contact Phil Mannion at NIP

Online Collaborative Capability Assessment

Collaboration is not new but the concept of it being embedded in operating practice and management systems has largely only emerged with the introduction of BS 11000 and subsequent evolution to ISO 44001. To support this adoption and development we have introduced the Pathway as route to build capability and competencies. The initial stage of the process is fully automated and can be accessed on-line by going to This approach has been specifically developed by ICW in association with New Information Paradigms (NIP). The process is supported by guidance as the assessment progresses and once completed the systems will provide a downloadable report. At this stage organisations need progress no further but will hopefully use the process to understand better how they can assimilate the principles into their operations. The self assessment process will:

  • Reinforce the understanding of ISO 44001 and how it helps to embed collaborative working.
  • Provide a baseline on which to undertake any necessary internal development
  • Help to rationalise the principles of collaborative good practice and recognise how these can be integrated within existing systems
  • Provide recognition of the progress towards collaborative operations
  • Dispel the myths around the impacts of adopting a more standards driven approach

Visit the Online Collborative Capability Assessment Portal »

Trust Index and Diagnostic

Understanding the levels of trust in a relationship

Trust is a critical ingredient for any successful business relationship. The Trust index is an easy to use on-line tool that benchmarks the levels of trust between individuals and organisations based on 10 key criteria and can collectively assess 30-50 individual inputs. It uses a simple traffic light system to identify areas of potential risk. It provides a quick and easy monitor and diagnostic report for organisations to validate the level of engagement across a collaborative relationship, measure progress in building effective relationships and focus development action plans.

Maturity Assessment Programme (MAP)

Creating a collaborative profile

Effective business relationships are a facet of both individual behaviours and the environment within which they operate. Each interacts with the other. MAP was designed based on experience to provide a collaborative profile report for an organisation assessing three key areas: Attribute, Abilities and Attitude, reflective of key pointers within the operations. By harnessing a number of inputs vertically through the organisation and by validating these with both customers and suppliers the report provides both a benchmark and development profile. It can be utilised for internal assessment or as an initial profile for potential collaborative partners or suppliers.

CRAFT Alignment and Diagnostic

Aligning organisations is crucial to strengthening business relationships

The test for any collaborative relationship is how well the parties are aligned across a spectrum of issues. This programme based on the CRAFT / ISO 44001 eight stage model draws the views of multiple individuals across the relationship and delivers a diagnostic report that provides a guide to strengths, weaknesses and levels of risk due to the alignment profile in current operations. It can be used to both baseline a current or new relationship and provide a regular monitor to assess progress, at the same time identifying key areas for development or intervention.

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