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To support people, organisations and business to understand the value of collaboration and the benefits achieved through collaborative working.

Member (MICW)

Individuals may apply directly for full membership at a practitioner level. There are a variety of routes to achieve MICW:

  • By successfully completing the ISO 44001 Collaborative Leaders course and passing the written exam individuals will automatically be offered the opportunity to sign up as full Member. In this case there is no application fees and the first years membership is refundable.
  • Direct entry can be achieved by initiating an on-line application together with an application fee. All applications will be reviewed by the membership panel and in some cases applicants may be asked to attend a panel review.
  • In certain cases the Institute will review and validate In-company or Association development programmes where it considers these meet appropriate levels of maturity or have been developed in cooperation with the Institute.
  • The Institute also works with Academia to support courses which incorporate collaborative capability development and will recognise successful completion as a direct entry route.

Members will be required to continue their development and update their experience and development profile as a minimum every two years.

Entry Route 1: Collaborative Leaders Course

After successful completion of the Collaborative Leaders programme (formerly the Facilitator Accreditation Course), you will be provided with a link to submit your membership details and pay for your membership.

Entry Route 2: Direct Entry

Direct Entry based on assessment and acceptance of submission of a career profile demonstrating extensive and successful experience in collaborative working. Those applying via the direct entry route are required to complete the application form below and attach the following evidence:

  • Reasons for wanting MICW and why it should be granted (max 100 words)
  • CV
  • Experience: A statement of collaborative experience (max 500 words)
  • Competence: Two case studies which demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the management of collaborative relationships and the application of the principles of ISO 44001, together with two written references in support of this.
  • Professional Development: strategy for the further development of personal knowledge and skills (max 250 words).

Direct entry applications will be evaluated by the Membership Panel which has the right to request further information or evidence where deemed necessary. This might include:

  • Additional references.
  • Submission of an academic paper demonstrating the extent of subject matter knowledge.
  • Attendance at a review panel.

Recommendations for direct entry will be considered at the next Management Board Meeting, together with supporting material (as above).

Disputed membership at any level shall be referred to the Management Board via the Membership Panel after due consideration. Continued membership will be solely at the discretion of the ICW Management Board.

If your application is approved we will contact you with joining and payment information.

CentralPoint, 45 Beech Street, Barbican, London EC2Y 8AD . Email: . Phone: 0203 691 1530
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