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Advancing collaboration to make good things happen

Advancing collaboration to make good things happen

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ICW Membership Principles & Values

The principles of membership to the Institute will be a factor in the evaluation of applications and a consideration for elevation through membership. These principles are based on those ideals and values which firstly established the Institute and are fundamental to maintaining its integrity and standing. It is expected that members will:
  1. Promote the benefits of collaborative working as a fundamental business skill within their business networks
  2. Promote Membership of the Institute and encourage their organisations to become executive network members
  3. Support initiatives of the Institute aimed at expanding the recognition of collaborative working
  4. Participate and share in the development concepts for collaborative working to help maintain the position of the Institute as the recognised thought Leader for collaborative working
  5. Actively work with the Institute to develop their personal skills and experience
  6. Not undertake any activity that may impinge on the reputation or prejudice the intellectual property of the Institute or its members.
The Institute will use its best endeavours to:
  1. Provide recognition of their achievements and experiences in collaborative working
  2. Support individual members in their personal and career development through sharing its thought leadership, mentoring and training programmes
  3. provide a peer to peer network to further and enhance knowledge.


The Institute is a membership organisation and in particular the individual membership programme operates under a membership committee ensuring that all applications are reviewed by a peer group supported by the Institute's Membership Secretary.

A panel of members (minimum of two) will evaluate all applications for Associate or Direct Entry Membership and the Chair of the Committee will authorise their recommendations. In the case of specific concerns or other issues, guidance will be sort from the ICW Management team.

In the case of applications for Fellowship these will be administered by Membership secretary and applicants will be required to attend a selection panel or peers.

All members will be expected to adhere to the ICW Code of Conduct available on our website and any issue arising will be addressed by the Chair of the Members' Committee and the Chief Executive.

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