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To support people, organisations and business to understand the value of collaboration and the benefits achieved through collaborative working.

2020-2022 Strategy

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Purpose and Vision

In February we elected the ICW Advisory Council for the very first time. The Council now represent all parts of our membership - executive and individual. The first task was to review our Purpose and Vision and involve the newly elected members in these discussions. It also felt a good time, as we approach the 30th Anniversary of the ICW, to take stock of the work that we have done and to review our strategy for the future. We are delighted to launch today the final approved Vision and Purpose.

Whilst these are uncertain times, we know that collaborative working can only become more important as we build new ways of working. Our members have demonstrated during the last few challenging months, that the processes they have already put in place to support collaborative working have proved to be incredibly valuable and deliver better outcomes. From years of experience we know that collaborative working improves business relationships and we have taken this opportunity to extend our reach to promote collaboration and collaborative working more widely across the public sector and society.

In refocussing our Purpose and Vision we have set ourselves ambitious strategic priorities with corresponding targets and actions which will be measured over the next 2 years. We know that we can do so much more with the continued support and engagement of our membership. So we are asking you to support these new activities and engage with us so that we can continue to grow and strengthen the ICW and in turn, deliver more value for you.

We have also included our current list of Special Interest Groups, indicating how their work feeds into the Executive team and the Advisory Council to shape our thinking and activities. These are groups which work best with engagement from members across a wide range of sectors and we hope you will take the opportunity to get involved in one of these groups. Through these groups we can continue to share and learn from our community of practitioners in collaborative working.

Our purpose is clear:

To support people, organisations and business to understand the value of collaboration and the benefits achieved through collaborative working.

We look forward to the next 30 years of collaborative working.


To be the home of collaboration where good practice is shared and supported with research, experience and training, building a global community which recognises the development of skills and knowledge of collaborative working practices. Through our community we will enhance the professional relationships of business, public sector and wider society to produce greater value in the outcomes for all.

Strategic Priorities 2020-2022

Expand our Reach and influence
  • Expand ICWs reach, domestic & global
  • Raise the profile of ICW, promoting the benefits of membership & affiliation
  • Highlight collaborative working excellence
  • Grow corporate membership
  • Grow individual membership
  • Harness Advisory Council capabilities
  • Establish a network of ICW Ambassadors
  • To develop relationships with government departments and public authorities and services with a proactive engagement plan
  • Develop a communication strategy for 2020 2021 that addresses internal and external communications
  • Clearly define the ICW offering to corporate and individual members
  • Deploy a standard communications pack
  • Define the role anmd contribution of ICW Ambassadors
  • Define an engagement programme, drawing on the list of target organisations and sectors recommended from the Advisory Council
  • Define the annual contribution/targets of the Advisory Council and Special Interest Groups
  • Increase corporate membership by 20% by 2022
  • Increase individual membership by 20% by 2022
  • Improve communications with members, testing sentiment and advocacy via survey
  • Issue a Monthly/Quarterly newsletter
  • Increase use of social media and website (hits to triple by 2022)
  • Increase award entries by 30% by December 2022
  • Double member events by 2022
Set Professional Standards and provide effective Training and Development
  • Expanding our reach globally
  • Define practitioner competencies
  • Establish partnerships with other professional institutions to promote consistent professional practice
  • Establish a high quality training & development programme
  • To undertake a gap analysis of courses provided for and required by members/public with a view to increasing range by 2022
  • Number of delegates on courses doubled by 2022
  • Partnership agreements globally to increase revenue by 15% by 2022
  • Develop a suite of training & development resources and materials, regularly tested against other providers
Demonstrate thought leadership, insight and knowledge sharing
  • Develop relationships with key organisations in industry and academia
  • Promoting good practice and case studies
  • Working with other organisations with shared goals
  • High profile Annual awards recognising excellence in collaborative working
  • To undertake a minimum of 2 pieces of research pa by 2022
  • Greater use of The Partner case studies as exemplars of good practice
  • To conduct 2 surveys of membership
  • Deliver 10 Share and Learn events annually by 2022
To support the adoption and integrity of ISO 44001
  • Lead/drive ISO44001 adoption
  • Become the recognised home of subject matter expertise for ISO44001
  • Influence the integrity of certification and assessment
  • Build on the thought leadership through ISO standards
  • Support international adoption
  • Establish an annual target of to ISO 44001 certification
  • Actively engage with ISO in further developments
  • Provide tailored industry guidance and awareness collateral
  • Integrate thought leadership and industry feedback with ICW Professionals Standards and associated training & development

ICW strategic objectives are supported by the ongoing development of the ICW Despite a challenging economy in the foreseeable future there are opportunities for us to grow Any financial surplus will continue to be invested in the sustainability of ICW in order to further its aims We need to make greater use of our existing resources, especially our members, Advisory Council and Board to promote our activities We will make best use of our resources though the continued development of new ways of working, including online and distance courses We are committed to being a more inclusive and diverse organisation that seeks engagement from a wider membership base.

Engagement with Members

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