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Advancing collaboration to make good things happen

Advancing collaboration to make good things happen

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ICW Collaborative Competencies & Skills Framework

The adoption and integration of systemic approaches for collaborative operations highlights the need to consider a range of competences beyond specific technical capabilities. The attached profiles have been developed to provide organisations with a guide to identifying and developing these competences.

Download now (PDF, 227KB)

The basic elements have been defined within the structure of the Maturity Assessment Programme (MAP) in order to align individual competences with those aspects of organisational maturity e.g.:

  • Attributes: Those professional and learned capabilities (knowledge) which are based on academic, institutional or corporate training programmes.
  • Abilities: Those skills that may be acquired through operational experience and or developed overtime through coaching and mentoring programmes.
  • Attitude: Those characteristics which influence the behaviours of self, others, team and organisation as they interface with others in a collaborative venture.

It is recognised that roles and responsibilities will vary by organisation and function, and that in some circumstances these may be specifically delegated or assigned in the case of specific relationships. As such the generic profile of competences only includes high level considerations of function and is defined within the following categories:

Operatives (Working Level): Members within collaborative business relationships where they will not necessarily need detailed knowledge of the systems and processes that underpin such arrangements but where their individual behaviours may impact outcomes.

Members of Joint Management Teams (JMTs) (Delivery Level): Those individuals who are members of management teams, internal or jointly within collaborative business relationships.

Commercial and Supply Chain Team Members (Delivery & Practitioner Level subject to complexity): Those individuals responsible for developing procurement and contracting strategies where collaborative business relationships has been identified as key to delivering desired outcomes.

Business Development Team Members (Delivery & Practitioner Level subject to complexity): Those individuals responsible for marketing, developing, capture/sales, and implementing engagement strategies for collaborative programmes.

Senior Operational Leaders (Practitioner Level): Portfolio/Programme Management, Members of Joint Partnering Boards (JPB) - Operational Champions and Leaders responsible for implementation and day to day operation of the Collaborative Business Relationship Management System (CBRMS) within organisations and collaborative business relationships.

Senior Executive Responsible (SER) (Governance): Accountable and responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance, and leadership of the CBRMS and the performance of collaborative business relationships. Identifying strategic relationship, the scope and boundary of the CBRMS, developing policy, internal management systems, support, leadership, and oversight of operational activities. At appropriate level own, implement and maintain the Collaborative Business Relationship Policy, Corporate Relationship Management Plan (CRMP) and Joint Relationship Management Plan (JRMP).

Assessors / Auditors (Expert Level): Internal compliance teams and third-party auditors with responsibility to validate operational implementation of the organisation's CBRMS against the requirements of ISO 44001 and defined operational processes.

Facilitators & Trainers and Consultants (Expert Level): Those supporting the organisation's assigned relationship managers and SERs in the implementation of CBRMS programmes. Facilitates supporting ongoing collaborative activities and developing JMTs, and designs and implements collaboration training programmes. Third-party consultants engaged to support collaborative programmes.

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