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Collaborative Insight October 2016 - ISSUE 40

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ICW Introduces its BS11000 Internal Audit Support Service

FilesCBRObjective evaluation and continual improvement enhances the value of the relationship and maintains the ongoing ability to collaborate. Internal audits are a key tool for facilitating continual improvement and identifying good practice. Internal audits provide practical information regarding the integrity of operating systems and processes, they support and validate of the outputs generated from within it. This can provide confidence to all stakeholders.

Additionally, they can reveal early warning signs of problems, supporting organizations in identifying potential problems and providing them with the opportunity to act at as early a stage as possible and avoiding more costly or disruptive actions later.

They also act as a method of monitoring progress and when performed well are a key tool in supporting the decision making process and in providing greater understanding of the interactions between the processes.

Feedback from our members indicates that many organisations are unable to carry out the requirements for Internal Audits of their management systems and collaborative relationships as required by BS11000. ICW has therefore introduced its Internal Audit Support Service, under the direction of our Associate Directors John Osbourne and Bill Taylor.

ICW has access to highly skilled and accredited auditors who have been provided with the skills and training to undertake BS11000 audits. Currently ICW has 3 Internal Audit Programmes underway with major service providers including Abellio UK and ScotRail, the DIO and MODUS Services Ltd.

The Support Services provides the following:

  • Development of the Internal Audit Schedule to cover the scope of the client BS11000 certification.
  • The Internal Audits are phased to de-risk activities and link with key milestones for Bids, JRMP development, internal and SER Reviews, and certification external audits. Thereby ensuring the organisation is correctly positioned and current.
  • Production of a Clause by Clause Audit Report defining Non-Conformance, Opportunities for Improvement and Observations. The report is structured to enable the contents to be extracted to the organisations quality management system for corrective action and close out activity.

In addition, to support those organisations wishing to develop their own internal audit capability, ICW have developed with BSI a 2 Day Auditors Course 'Understanding the Requirements of BS11000'. The course is designed for those organisations that already undertake internal audits on other Standards (ISO 9001 etc) and have trained auditors and wish to include the BS11000 scope.

For further details contact John Osborne ( or Bill Taylor (

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