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Collaborative Insight July 2016 - ISSUE 39

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Thought Leadership

BREXIT and Collaboration

It would be surprising if in this issue we did not address the recent UK BREXIT referendum now that the initial shock has subsided and we face 2 years or more of upheaval as the UK seeks to withdraw from the EU but endeavours to retain access to the European market place.

There is little doubt that this period of negotiation and debate will challenge organisations working across European boarders and probably meeting some tensions along the way. Some might suggest that the principles of CRAFT and the British Standard could have served the politicians first in developing the EU but certainly in focusing on an Exit strategy that seems to be missing right now.

Notwithstanding the political fallout the business community will have to continue to function throughout these troublesome times whilst the waves may eventually settle. It will likely be that relationships will be stretched as parties on either side try to work out how best to carry on in the shadow of uncertainty.

Collaboration is easy when things are going well but the value of strong relationships with partners comes to the fore when there are bumps in the road. Now perhaps more than ever when faced with economic and political turmoil is the time for a robust focus on collaboration.

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