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Collaborative Insight June 2015 - ISSUE 37

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ICW Gathers at the House of Lords to Celebrate its 25th Anniversary

Lord Evans
Lord Evans, ICW Chairman

NATS logoThe annual ICW reception this year had a special focus reflecting back on the last 25 years since Keith Joseph set out his vision for Partnership Sourcing (now ICW) to promote partnering and collaborative working back in 1990.

Our grateful thanks to NATS, a foundation member of the Institute, for their sponsorship of the reception and help in making it a very special event. Over 220 people arrived to share the celebration, in the company of friends old and new. The weather was also on our side so the House of Lords could be enjoyed from the terrace overlooking the Thames.

Martin Rolf
Martin Rolf MD NATS (and more recently appointed CEO)

Lord David Evans, ICW Chairman, welcomed one and all, heralding a milestone in the history of the ICW. He congratulated the membership and ICW team on the achievements that had been made since those early days. Collaborative working was crucial to the future of government and business recognising the significant step that UK through the British standard (BS 11000) was leading the way and its trajectory towards becoming an International standard.

Martin Rolf, MD NATS (a Fellow of the Institute), offered his perspective on NATS crucial role across the globe in air traffic management where collaboration was a key factor in both performance and safety. So as being part of the development of the standard right from the start was their participation was an obvious development and they welcomed the opportunity to share in the Institutes progress to date and for the future.

Mr John Johns
Mr John Johns, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Defense

Mr John Johns, Deputy Assistant Secretary, State for Defense, flew in from Washington to add his best wishes to the Institute and to congratulate the team for the lead it had taken, with BSI, to create the benchmark for collaboration. He especially acknowledged the work of David Hawkins in blending art and science to harness collaboration and his persistence in encouraging the Department of Defense to look at alternatives. Drawing on his recent experiences in Afghanistan he voiced his views, that in a troubled world never was collaboration more important and that leadership in both government and industry needed to be accountable, leading with vision and true commitment.

Les Pyle
Les Pyle, CEO ICW

Les Pyle, CEO ICW, took the story of ICW back to its roots in 1990 acknowledging those who along the way had contributed to the development and today's success. He recognised the strength of the institute coming from its executive network support and contributions to the work, for which the ICW team was most grateful. Keith Joseph had probably not envisioned where were to day nor that in a year that vision would have crystallised into a British lead International standard. It was a time of thanks and celebration and a stepping stone to the future through many of the initiative now underway within ICW.

Frank Lee
Frank Lee, BSI EMEA Compliance & Risk Director

The reception was also an opportunity to recognise some more recent BS 11000 certification successes. Frank Lee, BSI EMEA Compliance & Risk Director, related his involvement from the early development of the standard working with David Hawkins and his confidence in its future and his delight in being able to present a number of certificates.

Jo Matkin
Jo Matkin - CAPITA
Mike Pollard
Mike Pollard - Network Rail
Jim Bouston
Jim Bouston - Spencer Group
Dietmar Harteveld
Dietmar Harteveld - Siemens

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