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Collaborative Insight June 2015 - ISSUE 37

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ICW 2015 Collaboration Awards

Registrations for the 2015 Awards closed on 31st May we are delighted with the response with around 60 nominations across the 7 categories, many of which came in on the last day.

The categories are:

  1. Collaborative Pathfinder Award
    For an Organisation that has shown both leadership and innovation in promoting and harnessing collaborative working approaches within its sector.
  2. Public/Private sector
    For an outstanding Public Private Partnership relationship that has demonstrated exceptional performance and benefits realization, through the effective use of collaboration.
  3. Industry Collaboration
    For Collaboration between two or more industry partners representing an outstanding relationship that demonstrably highlights the benefits of collaboration.
  4. Skills Development
    For an Organisation that has implemented development and training to build collaborative skills as part of its people development.
  5. Small and Medium Enterprise
    For the smaller Organisation that has taken up the challenge to embed collaboration and thus promote the benefits of collaborative for all sizes of company.
  6. Individual Award
    For an individual that has shown leadership and innovation in the development of collaborative working approaches.
  7. Innovative Collaboration
    Recognising innovative approaches to collaborative working, within Public / Private sectors or Academia, demonstrated by either an individual or Organisation.

The next deadline will be 31st July for submission of full details and background to support he each nomination. The minimum requirement for submission of nominations is as follows:

  1. Name of nominated Organisation or individual
  2. Contact details for validation of entries
  3. Nominated category
  4. Nature of the collaborative relationship (100 words maximum)
  5. Overview of reasons for nomination (250 words maximum)
  6. Detail of the nominee achievements (150 words maximum)
  7. Minimum of two original third party references
  8. Supporting materials (optional)

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