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ISO 44001 GAP Analysis Workshop

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Course Description

Implementing ISO 44001 will impact many functional groups within an organisation. This two day workshop provides both insights to the drivers of the standard and a common cross functional understanding for organisations to assess current processes and integration of best practice principles aligned to existing approaches, including the introduction to a wide range of tools to support collaborative working, underpinned by the ICW executive Network members and the unique CRAFT portfolio of guidance, methodologies and tools to:

  • Provide a common understanding of the best practice principles within ISO 44001 and raise awareness.
  • Assess the alignment of current practice to harness and complement existing management systems.
  • Evaluate existing perceived constraints to implementing the principles.
  • Augment existing management approaches to create a clear strategic focus for collaborative business models.
  • Establish a detailed analysis of necessary development needs and activities to be undertaken.
  • Provide a basis for an internal implementation plan and skills development together with addressing the scope of certification, where applicable.
  • Support the engagement where certification is part of the future intent based on our extensive record of successful helping organisations to achieve the standard.

Who Should Attend

Whilst recognising that taking key personnel away from their active roles for two days can be difficult our experience is that in doing so organisations benefit in the longer term by creating a strong and unified understanding and approach that enhances implementation. Getting the right blend of attendees is crucial to maximise the benefits of this concentrated programme. There needs to be clear executive support that empowers the team to move forward with confidence. Structuring the group should ensure that key roles are fully engaged thus consideration for including:

  • Business development
  • Operational managers
  • Support functions e.g. HR, Finance, Procurement and contracts
  • Front line managers particularly from those operating relationships being targeted

Benefits to Your Business

Collaborative Relationship Management graphicIf collaborative working is currently or part of your strategic business development then embedding good practice principles is a crucial. This workshop provides a robust foundation to build an approach that aligns with your business aims:

  • Reinforce the understanding of ISO 44001
  • Adapt current business processes
  • Identification of development needs
  • Integration of tools and techniques
  • Focused implementation plan
  • Build internal capability

Post workshop ICW will provide a detail report and analysis of both current processes and areas for development.

Course Structure

The workshop is structured around the eight stage model originally developed as the ICW CRAFT programme and delivered by two fully accredited and experienced ICW facilitators. The focus is on empowering internal teams to drive forward a complimentary solution based on the organisations needs and existing processes:

Awareness - Establish and validate executive sponsorship, policies and business benefits from collaborative approaches.

Knowledge - Assess the relationships being targeted and business case for implementing a collaborative approach.

Internal Assessment - Review the internal constraints, policies, processes and skills levels.

Partner Selection - Evaluate the current practices in terms of identifying and assessing external partners.

Working Together - Develop current and future governance structures to compliment collaborative working.

Value Creation - Explore existing challenges and improvement opportunities.

Staying Together - Develop and integrate key elements of collaborative working within day to day management of relationships.

Exit Strategy - Instigate a methodology for managing controlled disengagement and future opportunities within relationships.

Further Information

Fee for up to 12 delegates: £8000
Location: In house, off-site locations or if required Warwick University.
Facilitators: An ICW Associate Director and senior associate.

For further details please email

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