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Managing Cultures & Behaviours in Collaborative Relationships

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The foundation for robust and effective collaboration relies on both the operating processes and the interactions of the parties involved. This two day course focuses on providing insight to the impacts cultures and behaviours have on performance, how to identify, monitor, measure and address both positive and negative behaviours.

A major impact on delivering successful collaborative working is the behaviours of those involved and the influences that drive these. There is also a strong linkage between how behaviours are reflected in a collaborative environment and the corporate cultures of collaborating organisations within which these collaborations are developed and operated. This aim of this two day workshop is to broaden the perspective of leaders, managers and teams to recognise and address:

  • Personal behaviour types
  • Individual drivers
  • The impacts of nature and nurture on behaviours
  • Understanding personality traits in team selections
  • The influences risk can introduce
  • The pressures of the business environment
  • The cultural profiles of collaborating organisations
  • The relationships between behaviours and processes
  • Competences required for effective collaboration
  • Perceived or actual constraints

Benefits to Your Business

After this course delegates will have an enhanced understanding of collaborative relationships and the potential risk to success that comes from ignoring the impacts of behaviours, including the use of tools and techniques for identifying and managing behaviours. Course delegates shall be given the opportunity and encouraged to apply the learning into their own business scenarios and work with others to build on experiences.

Who should attend?

The course is ideal for those who are or intending to be:

  • Senior Executives Responsible (SERs) for the collaborative business relationship management system and/for those leading specific relationships
  • Senior leaders and managers
  • Relationship Champions and managers
  • Commercial teams that wish to develop collaborative relationships and solutions
  • Personnel managers

Duration: 2 days

Course Structure

The two day programme has been specifically structured to build a profile of behavioural issues and causes by considering each aspect of behavioural influences. Delegates will work through a number of exercises based on academic research and practical experiences, and be encouraged to share their individual experiences over the course of topics including tools to identify existing or potential flash points./p>

  • Introduction to the impacts of behaviours
  • The importance of relationships
  • Corporate cultures versus cross functional operations
  • Risk
  • Responsibilities of leadership
  • Alignment of people, roles and tasks
  • Impacts of processes and systems
  • Conflict custom and practice constraining performance
  • Power of communication
  • Management of conflict
  • Capabilities and competences

Over the two day programme delegates will be provided or introduced to a variety of tools to utilise both for individual assessment and to support ongoing relationship heath checks.

Course Delivery

The course is available 'In house' or as a 'public course'. For public courses the venue is Warwick University Conference Centre and they will be delivered by:

David Hawkins
Chief Operating Officer & Knowledge Architect, ICW


£1500, per delegate, inclusive of overnight accommodation and meals

For further details and dates of forthcoming courses please email

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