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Auditing ISO 44001

Download 'Meeting the Challenges of Internal Assessment for ISO 44001' (.pdf, 630KB)

Our Objective

ISO 44001 with its focus on behaviours and process offer challenges to ensure that it is effectively implemented. This course is aimed at enhancing the capability of auditors to ensure that its benefits are achieved.


ISO 44001 is the first international standard in the world to address collaborative relationship management and the behaviours and culture required for success. ICW has recognised that adoption and implementation of a collaborative relationship standard breaks new ground in terms of management systems and in particular internal auditing approaches. These courses offer a new approach to the process of auditing and reviewing implementation to ensure:

  • Awareness of the contents and background to ISO 44001
  • Understanding why relationships and behaviours are important to successful partnership
  • The correct processes are embedded into "business as usual"
  • The potential benefits of collaborative working are being realised
  • The correct behaviours and competencies, critical to collaborative relationships, are being adopted
  • Continual improvement opportunities in the approach and system are being identified.

By providing those responsible for carrying out the audits with the necessary skills and knowledge to complete them with confidence is crucial in delivering the benefits collaborative working offers.

Benefits to Your Business

Following the course Delegates with have:

  • An understanding of ISO 44001.
  • Knowledge of why collaborative business relationships are important.
  • Understand how ISO 44001 differs from other standards.
  • Know how to apply existing audit knowledge to ISO 44001 and its key themes.
  • How to create a ISO 44001 audit plan.
  • Be able to help the organisation drive continual improvement in collaborative business relationships.

Who Should Attend

Collaborative Relationship Management graphicThose who have been asked to manage or execute internal audits against the requirements of ISO 44001.

Duration: 1 day

This is a one day course and includes:

  • Critical areas to audit.
  • How to plan and execute an audit
  • How to audit collaborative behaviours
  • How to apply existing skills to ISO 44001.
  • How to ensure that opportunities for improvement are identified.

Course Structure

  • Background to ISO 44001 and its development from the unique CRAFT methodology.
  • The role of an auditor, skills required and how to plan, prepare and execute an audit.
  • The principles of Collaborative Relationships.
  • Overview of the structure of ISO 44001.
  • Introduction to the key themes and differences with other standards.
  • Creating audit plans for ISO 44001, methods for setting priorities.
  • Exercises around the themes and where to look for evidence and what evidence would be acceptable.
  • How auditing can help the continual improvement process.

Course Delivery

The venue is Warwick University Conference Centre and they will be delivered by an Institute for Collaborative Working accredited facilitator with experience in management system standards auditing.

For further details and dates of forthcoming courses please email

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