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Collaborative Insight November 2018 - ISSUE 47

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ISO Technical Committee Meets in Shenzhen, China

As announce a short while ago China has now joined the ISO committee working on ISO 44001 guidance and hosted the recent meeting. ISO TC 286 'Collaborative Business Relationships', met in Shenzhen in October, to continue the development of the ISO 44001 series of requirements and guidance standards, from the last Working Group meeting, that was held in London, at BSI UK, in May.

The first item on the agenda was a final review of ISO 44002, the general guidance on implementing ISO 44001 (the Guide), which was carried out by Working Group 2 (Working Group 1 had been responsible for the original ISO 44001 requirements standard). The Guide has its roots in BS 11000 Part 2, and has been gradually refined, over several meetings, to provide comprehensive support to users who are implementing ISO 44001 within an established business management system. A Final draft was agreed and will now be put to the international voting process which will hopefully be concluded by April 2019.

In addition to the guidance document the committee agreed the draft of a principles document which will also be put out for endorsement in the form of a technical report which will highlight the key principles that underpin ISO 44001. The committee also recommended the submission to ISO of a competence standard for assessors of ISO 44001 to help build greater consistency the draft document will be handed to the appropriate ISO committee under the ISO 17021 series of standards.

The SME Project

Perhaps the most exciting development was the recommendation to establish a working group specifically to focus on encouraging SMEs to consider how they can harness the power of collaboration both with other SMEs and with larger organisations. This initiative is being led by the Italian delegation. Whist a new work item is being prepared led by UK (Adrian Miller of NATS) to develop guidance for larger organisations as to how they can better facilitate engagement with SMEs. This will be another first coming from the Collaborative working initiative. If you are interest to become involved in either of the projects please contact David Hawkins at ICW.

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