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Collaborative Insight November 2018 - ISSUE 47

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A14 Integrated Delivery Team Support

ICW has been supporting the A14 Integrated Delivery Team develop its collaborative business relationship management system and prepare for certification with BSI. It's a world first in that this involves an unincorporated joint venture between Balfour Beatty, Skanska and Costain, working with their client Highways England. These parties have elected to work together to deliver the £1.5 billion upgrade of the A14 between Cambridge and Huntington. This is Highways England's biggest scheme currently in construction. The A14 Integrated Delivery Team is seeking certification in its own right and the scope is its relationship (including Highways England as Client Participant) working with Highways England, in a client facing relationship.

This is necessitating BSI to push the boundaries of certification, whilst ensuring all the requirements of ISO17021 'Conformity Assessment - Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems' are met. Equally the Institute has been working with the IMT to ensure all the requirements of ISO 44001 are met. BSI conducted their Stage 1 audit in July, where a number of non-conformities were identified. Work is ongoing to address these in preparation for Stage 2 audit in November.

This certification project has wide reaching opportunities by being the trail blazer for temporary organisations like JVs to achieve certification in their own right. It's shaping the Institute's thinking on how to promote the adoption of ISO 44001 by organisations in their pursuit of making collaboration work.

Note: To meet the requirements of ISO17021 the certification body needs to contract with a legal entity (i.e. one of the partners of the JV).

ICW ISO 44001 Certification Validation Scheme - LRQA Assessor Training

The aim of the scheme is to establish a credible and consistent approach to company assessment and certification. To this end the Institute has been working closely with LRQA to test their certification system, process and competence. As part of Stage 1 assessment it was identified that the LRQA assessors and business development personnel would benefit from a workshop to:

  • Really understand the themes and the underlying principles for the adoption and implementation of ISO 44001. How is the standard structured and how to approach the development of a CBRMS.
  • To explore the advantages of 'theme based auditing' in certification and surveillance assessment
  • To get feedback from the Institute on assessment approach gained through supporting organisations through certification, to help LRQA achieve a rigorous but consistent method

LRQA committed 17 personnel (4 business development and 13 assessors of varying experience with ISO 44001) to the training course which was held over two days on the 25th and 26th October 2018. It was originally planned that the BD personnel would join for 3-4 hours, but they were so interested and getting valuable insight and learning most stayed for the full two days. The Institute received great feedback on the training and recognition that the relationship with ICW supports LRQA's ambitions to develop its certification portfolio in respect of ISO 44001.

ICW ISO 44001 Certification Validation Scheme - BSI Stage 2 Audit

The Institute is pleased to announce that BSI are the first certification body to successfully complete both Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits, supporting their validation. The Stage 2 audit involves a witnessed assessment and an audit of the CB's certification systems and processes, examined in Stage 1.

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