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Collaborative Insight July 2017 - ISSUE 42

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Future Development of ISO 44001 Collaborative Working Committee

With the publication of ISO 44001 the existing PC 286 committee was automatically disbanded. A new Technical committee has been formed TC 286 and ICW is pleased that our David Hawkins has been appointed as Chairman for the next 5 years. The membership has increased since the start of PC 286 and is growing. A provisional work programme is under consideration for discussion at the first meeting in September, including:

  • Adapting BS 11000-2 – ISO 44001 to be published as ISO guidance
  • Publish 'Principles' as a technical report
  • Develop a guidance standard for SMEs (Italy)
  • Evaluate Assessor guidance (UK/Austria)
  • Services sector guidance (Portugal)
  • Collaboration & Communities (Australia)
  • Relational contracting (Canada)
  • Alliances/PPP (USA)

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