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Collaborative Insight October 2016 - ISSUE 40

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Welcome & Introduction

Les Pyle

Welcome to the Autumn 2016 edition of Collaborative Insight from ICW featuring three recent events:

  • Showcasing Effective Collaboration in Wales at Cardiff University
  • Collaborative Working across the Emergency Services Value Chain sponsored by Bluelightworks at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Both these events involved a number of most interesting presentations and attracted a large number of delegates with considerable delegate participation.

The third event was aimed specifically at the ICW Individual Membership community. It too contained a number of most interesting presentations but we would have hoped for more members joining us. Growing the ICW Individual Membership community remains a key objective for ICW – we will persevere.

The next two months are very significant for ICW and Collaborative Working in general. Earlier this year the International Working group published the draft International standard for the National Standard BS 11000 to become the International Standard ISO 11000.

Early November will reveal the voting intentions from around the world - assuming a YES vote ISO Geneva is expected to publish ISO 11000 early in 2017. This will be the culmination of 15 years work for ICW (PSL previously) from the CRAFT concept in 2004, PAS 11000 launched in November 2006 and BS 11000 in December 2010. Whilst this feels like a long time I am told that in Standards terms this is quick!

Assuming a YES vote the future for ICW looks exciting given the expected International interest in ISO 11000 with three significant International developments to report:

  • A recent series of Collaborative Working workshops in Portugal have resulted in the establishment of ICW Portugal led by Bruno Marques
  • ICW has just delivered the first project in Australia which should evolve into a formal knowledge sharing arrangement "down under"
  • The business relationship between the Royal Thai Government and ICW is being reinvigorated thanks to BCCT (British Chamber of Commerce Thailand)

The Royal Thai Government Minister of Commerce and I are meeting soon to agree an engagement plan – watch this space.

Back in the UK the second Collaborative Working Awards judging process is well under way. The judges decisions will be announced on 8th December at the Collaborative Working Awards event at the House of Lords.

On the people front ICW is pleased to welcome two Associates who have joined the central team:

  • Mike Healy takes over as the focus for ICW in Scotland
  • Paul Greenwood brings his experience of working in Asia to ICW the timing reflects Malaysia’s involvement in ISO 11000 and the renewed interest from Thailand.

We live in interesting times!

Les Pyle
Chief Executive

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