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Collaborative Insight April 2017 - ISSUE 41

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Les Pyle

Welcome & Introduction

Welcome to this the first 2017 edition of Collaborative Insight which heralds a most important development in ICW's 27 year journey.

I refer of course to the publication by ISO Geneva of the International Standard for Collaborative Working – ISO 44001. The International standard has been developed by an International working group building on the ground-breaking work in the National standard BS 11000.

ICW would to place on record our appreciation for the contribution from the 12 members of this International working group and to Mark Sewell for his Chairmanship.

Clearly the publication of ISO 44001 is a very important achievement, a step along the road towards the ICW mission for Collaborative Working to be established as a Professional Business Discipline.

Publication of ISO 44001 is not the end of the journey, it is the end of the beginning with much to do to get ISO 44001 widely established Internationally. ISO Geneva has established a Technical Committee to oversee the standard and develop the necessary support material. I am delighted to report that David Hawkins has been elected to chair this Technical Committee – thus keeping ICW at the forefront for collaborative thought leadership.

Along with the growing adoption of the principles embodied in the standard there are a number of ICW initiatives to underpin ICW's objectives. First and foremost is growing individual membership of the institute as discussed in this edition of Collaborative Insight. ICW very much appreciates the contribution of David Anderson from BAM Nuttall and Naomi Redman from Skanska for driving this initiative.

Hot on the heels of growing individual membership is figuring out how ICW engages more effectively with smaller businesses. Most of ICW's involvement thus far is with larger businesses, for Collaborative Working to become a Professional Business Discipline the good practice principles must apply throughout the value chain. ICW will shortly announce an initiative to address this important issue.

This edition of Collaborative Insight includes an outline of the latest research project by Warwick Business School addressing the Psychology of Collaboration. This is the start of a programme to develop a unique ICW approach to addressing attitudes and behavioural issues so important to effective collaborative working.

Add to this the ongoing focus on Training and helping organisations to achieve ISO 44001 either first time in or for those making the transition from BS 11000 to ISO 44001.

Feels like a busy time ahead!

Les Pyle
Chief Executive

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