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Adding a new slant to the concepts of partnering and collaboration, ICW has enjoyed having interns from the UK and USA. As part of their internship here each of the interns has been required to prepare a final paper focusing on a specific aspect of business and collaborative working.

Intern Reports

These papers can be accessed and downloaded for free by Associate members and above by logging in and going to the Membership-specific content area.

'Why Collaborate?'
A paper by ICW intern Laura Deig (July 2011)

'BS11000 and the Third Sector'
A paper by ICW intern Douglas Rowles (July 2011)

'Mergers and Acquisitions'
A paper by ICW intern Rachel Kessler (March 2011)

'Strategic Business Collaborations'
A paper by ICW intern Kristen Elora Keate (July 2010)

'Implications of Culture on International Partnerships'
A paper by ICW intern Stuart Alexander (April 2010)

'Partnering in China'
A paper by ICW intern Sunny Xu (Dec 2009)

'The value of Corporate Social Responsibility'
A paper by ICW intern Anna Massengill (July 2009)

'People and relationships'
A paper by ICW intern Scott Gibbel

'The investigation of an underutilized business tool'
A paper by ICW intern Jordan Mandel

'Pressure Groups & Democracy'
A paper by ICW intern Samantha Cooper

'Collaboration in the Business World'
A paper by ICW intern Julia Govea

'Crafting the European Union'
A paper by ICW intern Elizabeth Russell

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